Rhubarb Old Tom, Gin, Orkney Gin Company, 50CL, 43% ABV

This is our Orkney summer captured in a bottle! Made to traditional Old Tom style which originates in the 18th century, this is a soft lightly sweetened gin. Botanicals include juniper, cinnamon, rose and Seville orange peel all infused in large quantities of chopped rhubarb. Our Rhubarb Old Tom is priced slightly higher than our Johnsmas and Mikkelmas due to the % Alc being higher, and the extra effort required whilst working with the rhubarb. The flavour of our gins may vary slightly from batch to batch, although we follow the same precise recipe. This is due to the natural variations in the botanicals used and we feel this adds to the character of our unique creations. 50cl/500ml43% Alc.