Mussels with Chilli and Garlic, Sea Sisters, 110g


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These mussels are sourced from sustainable offshore mussel farms off the South West coast of England. These plump, juicy mussels are preserved with chilli & garlic infused extra virgin olive oil.

We recommend eating these with salted crisps, and a squeeze of lemon or toss them through spaghetti with dried oregano.

All Sea Sisters Conservas are hand made in small batches & lovingly packed in Dorset. 

What is the sustainability of this Conserva?

As these mussels grow on ropes they create ecosystems, clean the waters as they grow and sequester carbon. We can’t help but believe mussels are magic, and possibly the World's most sustainable protein.

Ingredients: mussels molluscs (65%), extra virgin olive oil (35%), chilli, garlic, salt