Trodden Black Kiwi Lime Chilli Death Jam - Mild (killer ki-lime)


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Our green jam is certainly an eyebrow raiser. But don’t worry, it’ll force your tastebuds out of hibernation! Inspired by our travels through South East Asia, this is our homage to the world's best citrus fruit – lime. Balanced with kiwi and jalapeño chillies, this Ki-Lime jam is as unique as it is familiar. With a mild/medium heat and a tangy afternote, this one is becoming a firm favourite.


Killer Ki-Lime is the ultimate accompaniment to a cheeseboard, add him to your favourite wrap, or put him alongside a veg and grain dish such as Bibimbap.

kiwi, sugar, jalapeño chilli, cider vinegar, lime juice, salt, lime rind