FieldBlends, Maple Chilli Salt, seasoning blend, 35g


Smokey, sweet, salty joy!

When you dehydrate maple syrup, you get maple sugar. All of the textural properties of a granulated sugar but with the distinct flavour of maple. FieldBlends have combined organic maple syrup, with our favourite Yorkshire Sea Salt, and smokey chipotle chilli for what might be our new favourite seasoning!

The idea is to roast up some carrots with this, or hit up a nice cut of pork with a good old rub before it heads to the BBQ… Also can confirm it’s amazing to toss your chips through before plating up!

Can be used as a rub/marinade for cooking, or as a seasoning to finish off dishes.

Field Blends, Outdoor Cooking Club, are small batch, blended by hand, and packaged in a camp sized, reusable tin. Convenient, delicious and plastic-free.


Contains: Organic maple sugar (100% dried maple syrup), Chipotle chilli, sea salt