Fermented Sriracha Honey, Black Bee Honey, 150ml


Black Bee Honey have joined forces with Easton Chilli to bring you this hot honey! They blended bird's eye chillies and garlic into the finest British wildflower honey - then they left nature to do its magic. The fermentation process mellowed and mingled all the ingredients, transforming them into something new and delicious.

Flavour Profile & Heat level:
Sweet and spicy with a garlicky zing, this honey will make your pizzas sing! It's about a 3/5, a medium level of heat, perfectly balanced with the deliciously sweet British wildflower honey.

Drizzle it over anything cheesy, deep fried or crispy. Glaze your roast veggies or meats. Mix it up into a salad dressing or dipping sauce.

Fermented sriracha honey (British wildflower honey, bird's eye chilli, garlic, organic cider vinegar, salt).

Size: 150ml

This honey has antimicrobial properties also known as ‘Total Activity’. It Is unprocessed, it can set over time. If it does, warm gently to reliquefy.