Electric Eel, Hand and Body Soap, Skunk Superstore, 165g


Electric Eel is a zinger! Made with a base that is made of coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter, this body bar is moisturising and lathers really well. It is the combination of peppermint, basil and rosemary essential oils that really make you notice it. Upbeat notes and a soft green colour because of nettle leaf powder - a natural astringent with anti inflammatory properties - make this the perfect wake-me-up soap bar to bathe with.

Body soap - 165 gms

All of Skunk’s soaps are made in the traditional cold process method and are cured for 6 weeks. No preservatives, no artificial colours, 100% cruelty free, palm oil free and sulphate free.

All packaging is sustainable/recyclable.