Trodden Black , Deadly Preserves , Melon Lime + Jalapeño, Hot Sauce, 150ml


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Honeydew Melon entangled with that old familiar chilli, Jalapeno. Trodden Black have added a bunch of green Birdseye chillies to this one too so, unlike a lot of green hot sauces, it's got bite!

All the chillies are mixed and lacto-fermented. As a lime fiend TB have also included lime 4 ways, juice, rind, leaf and black.

It's limey, hot, sweet and a little bitter.


Honeydew melon, Aspall cider vinegar, fermented green birds eye & jalapeno, white onion, dark brown sugar, Blackthorn sea salt, lime juice, black lime, lime rind & kaffir lime leaves.

Finished with Blackthorn salt as are all of their Limited products.

It has 2 stars with the Great Taste Awards and was shortlisted for the Annual Sauce Awards run by the brilliant Bauce Brothers.

When TB make their sauces they keep waste to a minimum, taking our time to make each batch as tasty as the last. No waste, no haste, all taste!

 All of their products are gluten free and vegan friendly.

Heat level: Medium/Hot


Handmade in Dollar, Scotland