Chateau Barouillet Bergecrac Blanc Sec 2022, 750ml, 13% ABV


Great value wine for the table that ticks all the boxes in terms of viticulture and vinification - an expressive blend of white grapes that mutes the overtly 'Sauvignon-y' characteristics by not picking too early and not using any sulphur dioxide on the vines prior to fermentation. It's an interesting, unusual wine that doesn't correspond with its mixture of varietals in the traditional sense. There is a lightly oxidative note and a bready, lees-y back palate that bounces off the fruit which is at once fresh and zesty and creamy and opulent. Easy, fun and just a little bit wild. 

Sauvignon Blanc 20%

Sauvignon Gris 30%

Semillon 20%

Chenin 20%