Bombay 50, Hand and Body Soap, Skunk Superstore, 165g


Bombay 50 is named after one of Mumbai's most electric neighbourhoods, Bandra, where this soap bar was formulated in 2012. Made with a coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil base, this body bar also has activated charcoal that helps extract toxins and impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. The fragrance is a combination of bergamot, geranium, and mandarin essential oils — a quintessential trio — that will both uplift and relax.

Body soap - 165 gms

All of Skunk’s soaps are made in the traditional cold process method and are cured for 6 weeks. No preservatives, no artificial colours, 100% cruelty free, palm oil free and sulphate free.

All packaging is sustainable/recyclable.