AATTA London Dry Gin, Orkney Gin Company, 70CL, 44% ABV


Award Winning Hand-Crafted Aatta Gin - winner of Best Bottle in the World, and Best Design in the World in the Prestigious World Drinks Awards 2022. This breath-taking bottle encapsulates a brilliant, accomplished London Dry Gin, a spirit capable of winning several taste awards including the London Spirits Competition - where it was scored the highest of all Gins in the United Kingdom in 2022. 


Inspired by the Orkney Island’s history, character and beauty, Aatta - meaning 'eight' in Old Norse is distilled an impressive eight times with eight botanicals. To our knowledge, our Aatta Gin and Orkney Akvavit are the only spirits hand crafted in the UK distilled this many times, creating a silky-smooth spirit. 


The final distillation is achieved over a lengthy 24 hours+ with eight whole botanicals (another key feature making this gin utterly delicious) including fresh zesty oranges, hand-picked rose hips, bright juniper, and a little whole vanilla for a long smooth finish. 


The tasteful bespoke bottle - designed in-house by company owner, Gary, and his daughter Erin - is based on traditional receptacles found on Orkney’s shores from times past. These bottles were made by family businesses like our own. Made to last, with intricate writing and company logos debossed into the glass itself. Much the same as these bottles, our business name ‘Orkney Spirits Limited’ is made into the stunning prism glassware of Aatta’s bottle and the dazzling glass stopper which matches the bevelled edges of the bottle supports a golden ‘selkie wife’ coin, oozing elegance, and class. 


Please note: Aatta is a slightly larger 70cl bottle than our others, with a slightly higher percentage of 44%abv. 


70cl/700ml 44% Abv