Alexandria style pitted kalamata & green olives, Odysea 235g


An Intricate mix of Kalamata & Green Konservolia pitted olives in a warm marinade with a subtle spice of sweet bukovo chilli flakes & cumin in extra virgin olive oil. 


Alexnadria style pitted olives come from the single estate olive grove of Rovies and are hand-selected and traditionally cured without the use of caustic soda.


Rovies grove on the island of Evia in Greece is one of a handful of groves that continues to harvest their olives by hand. This traditional method reduces the likelihood of bruising and damage to the fruit. The olives are cured the same day as harvested and packed, by hand, on site.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (47%)
Kalamata Olives (26%)
Green Olives (26%)
Sea Salt
Dried Red Pepper Flakes
Cumin Seeds
Red Chilli Pepper
Acidity Regulator (Lactic Acid).