Whisky, East London Single Malt, 700ml, 47% ABV


East London Liquor Company taken 100% malted barley from Norfolk, brewed it, distilled it and aged it to perfection, giving you their East London Single Malt.

Imagine tasting notes filled with stewed apples, chocolate and oatmeal biscuits, ripe pineapple and even a few Szechuan peppers.

This one’s made to be drunk any way you want to: neat, on the rocks, or slammed into your favourite cocktail.

Mash Bill: 100% Malted barley

Distillation: Double Pot Still

Fermentation length: 96 hours

Yeast: M-1 whisky yeast & Be-134 saison GR2 yeast & abbaye

Aged in: Regenerated oak, new American oak, ex-bourbon

ABV: 47%

Volume: 70cl