Nocellara di Castelvetrano olives, Odysea 290g


Large and gorgeously green, Nocellara olives are the perfect choice for both olive lovers and those starting on their olive journey thanks to boasting a mild, sweet, buttery flavour, and meaty texture.


Grown in Sicily, once harvested, the Nocellara olives are cured using the Castelvetrano process – an efficient, low intervention method and involves soaking the olives for 10-14 days before rinsing with fresh water ready to be stored. This quick process gently removes all traces of bitterness and ensures the olives retain their colour and firm bite.


Odysea Nocellara olives are harvested by hand from late September to October at the very beginning of the harvest period, while the olives are still young and have just turned a distinct bright green colour.

Nocella Olives
Acidity Regulator (Lactic Acid)