London Rye Whisky, East London Liquor Company, 700ml, 47% ABV


This isn’t your typical rye whisky. Warming spice meets cooling smoothness for a perfect combination fit for any serve.

This is your London Rye® Whisky. Created from 55% rye and 45% pale malt. Team tasting notes included candied orange peel, sour cherry candies, toffee apples, chilli peppers, and even one ‘desk drawer, but in a good way’.

Time for you to add your own tasting notes to the list.

Mash Bill: Malted barley & Rye, >55% Rye (using malted Rye) <45% Malted Barley

Distillation: Double Pot Still

Fermentation length: 96 – 120 hours

Yeast: M-1 & (Abbaye & Belles) saison

Aged in: Regenerated oak, Hungarian oak, American oak & London Brandy

ABV: 47%

Volume: 70cl