Kenyan Sisal Extra Large Basket with Handles 'Forest Stripe', Aarven, Approx: 52cm height, 40cm diameter base


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Sizing: Approximately: 52cm height, 40cm diameter base. 

This specialist basket bag was expertly handwoven in rural Kenya, taking hours and hours to craft. The skills used have been passed down through the generations, continuing cultural crafting methods. Made by Mulli, an inspirational and loving father, and Mulli's team of talented weavers.

Ethically produced using natural materials and dyes. This versatile basket bag has an impressive range of uses - from storage to gift baskets, shopping bags, laundry, travel, and more! The minimalist yet stylish and bohemian design makes it an excellent addition to any room. The handles are ergonomic for a comfortable hold. The material is lightweight, allowing you to carry it with ease.

We have two in stock. One has a black handle, and one has a brown handle as pictured.