Kenyan Sisal Basket 'Pink Steps', Aarven, Approx. 18cm height x 19cm width


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This specialist basket was expertly handwoven in rural Kenya, taking hours and hours to craft. The skills used have been passed down through the generations, continuing cultural crafting methods. Made by Mulli, an inspirational and loving father, and Mulli's team of weavers.

Ethically produced using natural materials and dyes. This versatile basket has an impressive range of uses - from storage to gift baskets, plant pots, toys, décor, and more! The minimalist yet stylish and bohemian design makes it an excellent addition to any room. Pop it in your study to calm the work vibes, or in your longue to create an earthy living space. It will look great in your bedroom too! You can't go wrong with this limited edition, Kenyan handwoven basket.

Approximate sizing: Top diameter 20cm / Base diameter 18cm / Height 18cm