FieldBlends, Lemon, Sumac & Green Herb, seasoning blend, 35g


A zingy and flavour packed lemon and green herb blend with sumac berries. Made with premium salt crystals hand harvested from the Yorkshire coast, dehydrated lemon peel & sumac berries for a citrussy freshness, and a blend of green herbs for aromatic and rich flavours.

Sprinkle generously on fish, potatoes, pork, lamb, mushrooms, eggs, poultry and greens over the campfire, or at home in the kitchen.

Contains sea salt, so no need to salt your dish before using.

Field Blends, Outdoor Cooking Club, are small batch, blended by hand, and packaged in a camp sized, reusable tin. Convenient, delicious and plastic-free.


Contains: Sea salt, lemon peel, sumac, mixed peppercorns, mixed spices, garlic. Packaged in an area which may contain traces of allergens.