Trodden Black , Deadly Preserves , Sea Buckthorn + Habanero Hot Sauce, 150ml


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Made with Irish Dulse Seaweed, Sea Buckthorn and fermented Orange Habanero chillies, this hot sauce is a premium zingy little lady. Dulse is packed full of nutritional goodness and gives the sauce an umami twist. Buckthorn is a sea berry that tastes like an orange and a lemon met in the Hadron Collider, but with heaps more vitamin "sea".


Cayenne chillies, Aspall cider vinegar, sea buckthorn, orange habanero, orange, red onion, dark brown sugar, Blackthorn Salt, seaweed, orange rind, peppercorn.

Now with 'Blackthorn Scottish Sea Salt' for that premium touch. 

When Trodden Black make their sauces they keep waste to a minimum, taking their time to make each batch as tasty as the last. No waste, no haste, all taste!

All of their products are gluten free and vegan friendly. 

Heat level: Hot


Handmade in Dollar, Scotland