Midnight Oil, Espresso Martini, Climpson & Sons, 700ml, 13.75% ABV


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The espresso martini - one of the most famous cocktails and notoriously difficult to make has now been perfected and bottled by coffee experts. The secret to our great tasting creation is premium ingredients, expertise and small batch production made at Climpson & Sons roastery in East London.

Following the company’s ethos of quality we didn’t just want to replicate a drink that can be produced anywhere, we wanted a drink that was unique and each ingredient promotes the natural characteristics of coffee and had depth in flavour, yet well-balanced and delicious. 

Ready to drink.

Ingredients and Method: 

The base ingredient is our very own Midnight Oil coffee liqueur - featuring exceptional coffee from Daterra Estate in Brazil, a bespoke blend of aged rum from Guyana, unaged Caribbean light Rum, Madagascan vanilla and Costa Rican cacao. 

We’ve learnt a thing or two over the years on how to extract the best flavour from coffee, this is no different. We’ve developed a unique way of hot brewing and flash chilling our coffee for the espresso martini that utilises several techniques that draws out and locks in the full spectrum of textures and flavours. 

Once we have this decadent and sophisticated coffee liqueur and some extra coffee, we blend it with a touch of sugar and Vodka from our friends at East London Liquor Company to create the ultimate espresso martini. 

Alcohol Content: 13.75%