Citizens of Soil, Spanish Small Batch Exra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml


Citizens of Soil champion female farmers, pay their producers well-above the market rates and put their names on the bottle 

Small-batch. Family-owned. Organically-farmed.

Introducing a new oil from a multi-award winning producer in the Andalucía region of Spain. Situated between Málaga and Sevilla, this family business has completely transformed in just a couple of years under the direction of Marina, who's father's family had been making oil for generations. From a new mobile milling machine for precision quality to converting the groves organic—she has overhauled everything. In return for her effort, this special batch was recognised as "The Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Sevilla", earning a gold star at Ecotrama.

Harvest: October 2022.

Producers:The Segura Gómez Family—Peña Luna.

Variety:Hojiblanca (Eco).

Origin:Pedrera, Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain.

Process:Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from mechanical (never heat or chemical) means; 0.10% acidity. The olives are milled within *an hour* of being picked in their mobile mill (🤩). This oil is filtered. 

Agriculture:350 hectares, organically-farmed with regenerative practices.

Soil type: Limestone.