Citizens of Soil, Peloponnese Small Batch Exra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml


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Citizens of Soil champion female farmers, pay their producers well-above the market rates and put their names on the bottle 

Meet the producers

This oil comes to us from the powerhouse that is Marianna on a 14 hectares plot that this one-time city girl has been transforming into award-winning oil from her husband, George's family—the Manginas.

Together as a family, they are working in harmony with nature through improved farming practices like ground cover, no/low tillage, and incorporating chicken manure.
Delicate and Herby - Crafted from 100% olives from small batches, pair this elegant oil with salads, pastas, pestos and potatoes

Harvest: November 2022.

Ingredients: Manaki and Megaritiki olive.

Producer: The Manginas Family—Marianna & George.

Origin: Kalentzi, Peloponnese, Greece.

Process: Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from mechanical (never chemical) means. The olives were milled within 24 hours of harvest. This oil is lightly filtered so it will have some cloudiness. 

Agriculture: Regenerative. No/low-till. Minimal intervention. Non-irrigated.

Soil type: Calcium-based.