Wilton, Eco-friendly Laundry Liquid, Jasmine, 25 washes, 1 litre


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Eco-friendly · Vegan · Biodegradable · Non-Bio · UK Made

Our luxury concentrated laundry detergent liquid uses natural essential oils to leave your laundry smelling of nature with a long-lasting & indulgent jasmine scent.

It’s kind to your skin and gentle on your clothes, but when it comes to dealing with dirt, it doesn’t hold back. We’ve kicked out the nasty stuff and harnessed the powers of mother nature, so it’s nasty chemical free and kind to the environment too - Made the UK.

1 Litre - 25 Standard Washes


The scent: Jasmine

Our Jasmine scent is dominated by notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and sweet orange blossom. Floral and sharp yet warm and woody, everything a luxurious scent should be.