The Chocolate Detective, 12 Chaffinch Eggs, 140g


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Chantal Coady OBE is the Chocolate Detective. A sustainable chocolate expert, founder of Rococo Chocolates and lifelong chocolate activist.

Along with the other garden and farmland bird eggs these are part of the Chocolate Detective’s Curated Collection – her very favourite products from a lifetime of tasting chocolate.

“The loud cheerful song of the Chaffinch is a welcome sign of a warmer season. With his pinkish orange chest and his blue bonnet, the Chaffinch enjoys woodland areas but is equally at home in town or village gardens.”

These delicious eggs are made in France with a delicate hazelnut praline and Ecuadorian origin chocolate.

Descriptions and artwork are taken from Madeleine Floyd’s ‘Birdsong’.

Sugar, cocoa mass, praline 14% (HAZELNUTS, sugar), cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, LACTOSE, concentrated butter (MILK), enrobing agents (gum arabic, carnauba wax, beeswax, shellac), starches, cocoa powder, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, salt, glucose syrup, natural vanilla flavouring, colouring foodstuffs: spirulina, apple, lemon, radish, and safflower concentrates, malted BARLEY extract