Tenuta di Tavignano ‘Il Pestifero’ Pet Nat


Region: Marche, Italy.

Pet-Nat; certified organic, vegan, low sulphite, natural.

Grapes: 70% Verdicchio,15% Malvasia, 15% Sangiovese.

Nose: Floral, citrus, herbaceous.

Palate: Dry, fine bubbles, pear sorbet, crunchy green apples, lemon, sherbet.

A natural sparkling wine produced by a family run estate. Il Pestifero, the ‘naughty boy’ Pet- Nat, is part of Tavignano’s ‘I Love Monsters’ line devoted to rediscovering older, traditional winemaking methods through modern technologies. This lightly sparkling, cloudy Verdicchio is made by the ancestral method (one fermentation in the bottle and crown capped to trap in the natural C02 to contain the fizz).