Syrah Que Shira Shira, 2021, Ori Vin, 11% ABV


Under This Wine: Sparkling red Pet Nat with a delicious intensity of fresh red fruit. It's a fun one to share with friends. Exciting to have the first wines from this promising young winemaker.

Winemaking: Organic Syrah grapes were harvested by hand. Fermentation with indigenous yeast in fibreglass tanks and bottled before this process was complete in order to create fizz inside the bottle (Ancestral winemaking technique - Pet Nat). Bottled with no fining, filtration or added sulphur.

Grape Variety: Syrah (Shiraz)

Producer: Ori Vin (Oriane Rosner)

Region: Gaillac, SW France

Vegan friendly wine

Wild Scale: 3/5