7 POT Mango Het Sass, Singularity Sauce Co, 148ml, 4/5 Heat


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Singularity Sauce Co create world famous, award winning hot sauce using fermentation, in North East Scotland. Here’s what they have to say about this Mango ‘Het Sass’:

“We once made ‘Reapers & Mangoes’ a sauce so fearsome that it caused Russell Brand to waffle on about dolls houses and Teletubbies on Hot Ones. We just levelled it up for a new generation. It's a hot mango sauce. We put a huge tiger on the label. It doesn't actually contain tigers. No cats were harmed.”

4/5 Heat


Fermented yellow peppers, Mangoes (42%), Fermented 7 pot chillies (8%), Fermented moruga scorpions, Apple vinegar, Salt, Xanthan gum