Gaeng Gatti Curry Paste, Payst, 100g


This Gaeng Gatti paste will awaken your senses. Packed full of fiery red birdseye chillies this paste makes a very spicy but mouth watering, coconut and turmeric curry. Gaeng Gatti pairs deliciously with fish, mussels or crispy pork belly. This paste contains an indulgent amount of fresh birdseye chillies, making the level of spice not for the faint hearted!


(Allergens bold/italic/underlined) Dry red chilli, red birdseye chilli, Thai shallot, peeled garlic, young lemongrass, young galangal, red turmeric, kra chai, gapi (shrimp paste), salt, fish sauce, palm sugar


Serves 2

Stir paste into 400ml of coconut milk, simmer for 20 minutes. Add 300g meat/fish with 300g vegetables. Simmer for further 8-10 minutes until all is cooked. Serve with rice.