Citizens of Soil, Croatian Small Batch Exra Virgin Olive Oil, 375ml


Introducing a new oil from a multi-award winning producer from the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. They champion rare, local varieties and create insanely-high quality olive oils in a sustainable way on their 10-hectare plot. Their oil is loved by chefs like Gordon Ramsay and it made top-10 globally for small-batch oils with some of the highest international scores at the prestigious EVOOLEUM awards.

Harvest: October 2023.

Variety: Field blend of Buža, Bjelica, Karbonaca, Moražola, Rožinjola, and Leccino.

Origin: Vodnjan, Istria, Croatia.

Process: Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from mechanical (never heat or chemical) means; 0.11 acidity. The olives are milled within hours of being picked. This oil is filtered. 

Agriculture: 10 hectares, organically-farmed with regenerative practices.

Soil type: Terra rossa and limestone.