Artichoke Hearts, Seggiano, 380g


The freshness of the artichokes and careful preparation keep their phytonutrients, delicious flavour and texture intact for you to enjoy

  • Artichokes preserved under oil in the traditional way
  • Preserved in extra virgin olive oil instead of cheap seed oil or virgin oil
  • Made in Sicily using fresh artichokes, instead of the usual canned

Delicious Sicilian artichoke hearts preserved fresh at harvest time, in premium extra virgin olive oil from Frantoi Cutrera. Expertly prepared in the heart of Sicily's Niscemi artichoke growing region, these deliver delicious flavour and texture. Serve as part of a light antipasto, slice and add to salads or enjoy on bruschetta.


Sicilian artichokes 65% (artichokes, garlic, chilli, mint, vinegar, salt), Sicilian extra virgin olive oil 35%.

Store away from heat and light. Once open, keep the artichokes covered in oil, refrigerate and eat within one month.

Average Nutritional Values – per 100g

Energy kJ / kcal 825 / 199
Fat (g) 15.4
of which saturates 2.2
Carbohydrate (g) 6
of which sugars (g) 4.6
Fibre (g)